Joy in life

During an ice storm a few years ago a beautiful old weeping cherry fell over in the yard. I left the roots and fallen stump because there was beauty in the mossy bark and it was a perfect home for Buddha 

Over the years the tree has started re-growing and the most amazing microcosm has formed. The leaves have aphids, which brings tiny black beetles who eat the aphids, which brings bushtits to eat the tiny beetles and aphids. 

Bushtits are itty bitty little birds who happily twitter in the weeping cherry not a foot from my head and bring me great joy, for which I am grateful 


Every morning I put out bird food and a few scoops of sunflower seeds. 

The seeds feed birds and squirrels and possums and brown rats.

Some of the seed goes in feeders, a feeding platform and some is scattered for the ground feeders. 

A delightful benefit from all this feeding is 

A mini field of volunteer sunflowers 

As everyone knows, I’m not a bible quoter but…

As ye sow so shall ye reap

Lucky me

Inhale the seasons

Looking back at my sketchbooks it seems not only do I enjoy eating the bounty of each season but my art is influenced by it as well

Why not? Much as I love the stark beauty of trees without their leaves, late summer is the time to inhale the scent of sweet peas and try to capture their garish hues on paper

Roses to paint and blackberries to draw and devour. 

Soon pumpkins will appear in my sketchbooks and on the table

But for now August has my heart. After all it’s my favorite month of the year