Beginnings and endings

There had been a lot of growth during this sketchbook. Both in skill set

The black and white was done about a year ago, the watercolor was done last night.

But also growth in intention. 

Growth in self control 

Growth in forward vision

While there is a slight melancholy about the ending of this sketchbook, there is great positive energy about what comes next.

What does come next?


Persistence and fruition

There is something about commission work that I’m not fond of. 

Most of the time when I do something artistic it’s whatever I want to do. If it doesn’t turn out well I erase, or reuse the paper, or throw it away. If it turns out well I can put it away and bring it out when a rough patch comes up. 

But commissions, it has to be finished. It has to be done the way someone else wants it and once it’s done I have to give it to someone else.

Luckily this commissioned book is finished