There have been many times I’ve wanted to say stop this week.

To people,

To world events,

Mostly to the atrocities and hate we seem to be heaping on each other. 

Just stop…… please

Spring Equinox 

Spring equinox is one of my favorite holidays.

Everyone I’ve loved who died did so during the winter. So for me the spring equinox truly marks the end of the season of darkness and brings me closer to the beautiful warmth of summer

Skill building

There was a wonderful Ted Talk about the difference between practicing and creating art. 

So often we forget that there are specific skills we need to learn and master. 

New connections between our brain, eyes, and hands that need to be made. All of which takes patience 

The upside is we get to make better art and you can’t worry about the state of the nation and skill build at the same time. 

Democracy lesson

Here’s my opinion,

If you actually want to discuss politics then you need to be polite. 

When you post crap like “all Muslim people are jihadists” I know you’re foolish and there’s no reason to bother with a discussion.

If I were to make derogatory comments about the 45 president you would not take my arguments seriously.

Both sides have many ideals in common, so let’s find common ground for the good of the whole country