A counselor used to say to me “anger is just sadness masquerading ” 

We could say the same of fear pretending to be hate. 

Interesting perspective for all the jerks who have oozed out of the cracks since November 

Say what

There is a balance. 

There are a lot of bad things happening in the world.

There are so many opportunities to become overwhelmed and sad.

Sometimes you just need a bit of fun šŸ™ƒ


Like for so many, this has been a year of struggle. 

But then we would never be willing to change if weren’t for the struggle. 

So I will view this year as a space clearing, a making room for what will be

Ice storm

The electricity had been off for three day because of an ice storm 

Many trees and branches came down

Hope the birds and squirrels are doing okay (I’m giving them extra food) but I worry 

Be gentle

Be extra gentle this year.

There is a lot of pain and unhappiness around us. If you can’t help at least don’t add to it 

If you are suffering, please ask for help

tel:1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Hotline