My anthem

If you look at the natural world there is no stasis

Things are born

They grow

They reproduce (or not)

They age

And then die

Our creative life is the same, so is our intellectual life

Try or die

Not the best watercolor but there are techniques I’ve never tried before, so good first effort

Empty vessel

If you google “empty vessel ” it seems to have so many different meanings to very different people. 

For me it means emptying myself of preconceived ideas and opinions 

Emptying bias

Emptying anger

Creating space

Leaving room for the beauty and wonder of this life 

Weeds as flowers

Why is Queen’sAnnes Lace a weed and roses aren’t?

Dandelions are nutritious and pretty, why do people hate them?

Why can’t minorities be treated the same as white people?

Makes no sense, huh?

Adding my voice

It’s not enough to look at posts and agree. We must add our voice to the


The outrage 

The burning desire for hate to stop

Bigotry is ugly, 

People make themselves ugly spewing vitriol