Seize your life

Stop waiting

For Friday

Or summer 

Or love

Or your life to begin, it has

Stop making excuses and start seeing the awesome in your life because no matter how craptastic your life is

Your pillow is awesome 

Or there is a bird singing, or a sun shining or

You know right out of the oven frozen pizza is not terrible 

You are responsible for finding the tidbits of fantastic in your life

Do it now  


Entertaining Angels 

The backyard is an oasis 

Bird feeders, suet feeders, sunflower seeds, corn and all manner of sustenance

For all the birds

And squirrels 

And brown rats!!!???

Huh, wait,

Now I have a conundrum. Why is it okay to feed non native brown squirrels and not brown rats? 

I’m working through this one. What would thich nhat hanh do?

The hav-a-heart trap waits my decision