autumn dreaming



there are so many seasons.

seasons of the year

seasons of our life

the seasons of a relationship

and even the seasons of our emotional view

For most of my life I have seen autumn as a mournful time. It is a time of decay, leaves die, flowers die, ladybugs go wherever ladybugs go until spring. Autumn precedes winter which to me is the hardest time of the entire year.

But this year autumn is becoming a metaphor for my life

Leaves are dying but are so beautiful in their fall colors

Songbirds are leaving for the winter, but the happy little chickadees are arriving with their cheerful call

The days are becoming shorter and colder, but that invites us to curl up by a warm fire

My stamina is lessening, but it gives me patience to sit in the art studio

My body is softening, but that removes the need to chase perfection

There are fewer years ahead then behind me, but that helps me remember to make each day count

to share more

to forgive more

to laugh more

to savor more

to let go of that which no longer serves me

to lighten my load so when my winter arrives I’ll be ready for the trip