I’m Hungry



Walking to the Farmer’s Market last week one of the forgotten ones said “I’m Hungry”. I couldn’t give her money, it would have only fed her addiction so after speaking some platitude I walked to market and found her a hearty sandwich. Luckily she was still there when I walked back and was able to give her food, which she accepted and started whispering to herself how now there was food and she could eat.

She humbled me, made me question how many souls are in my sphere in need that I never even notice

There are so many hungers.

So many people crying out in need

Some can verbalize it, some have it scream from there very beings and some suffer silently knowing that no one will ever come to their rescue

One person I know feeds their aching hunger with junk food. They try to fill this terrible gnawing gap with all the foods that will leave a body starving. They say it brings them comfort, but I see no lessening of their pain

Someone else feeds their hunger with alcohol, drowns it with 22 ounce bottles of numb. Again I see no lessening of their need, their pain, the hunger that sits in the very cells of their being.

Another fights it, pushes it away, is mean, seems hateful but really is just like a child crying in the night. They carry their dragons with them into battle every moment of the day, knowing that peace will never be theirs.

Me? I try to remember that no one will feed me, no one will bring me comfort except me. No one can create meaning in my life but me and a meaningful life is a full belly.

What is your hunger? How will you sooth it and bring yourself peace?