creativity and life




Life happens and sometimes the stuff that happens in life is unpleasant.

Sometimes what happens in life is so unpleasant that we become frozen in the moment

in the negative feelings

in the negative actions of others and our reactions to those actions

Over the past month there has been a series of occurrences that threatened the very bedrock of my life

there was stress

and fear

and doubt

and massive  anxiety

about the future and my ability to discern the motives of those around me.

But at some point the need to create becomes even greater then the chaos surrounding us and suddenly there is art seeping back into our lives. It arrives to sooth our jangled nerves and relight the candle of our creative flame.

It whispers in our ear, tingles in our fingertips and rearranges the synapses in our weary brain

Truly the call of the wild geese beseeching us to go forth and create.

so happy, it’s back