tangled energy



yep, my good old friend dyslexia came to visit last night, luckily it was just for fun.

During a guided imagery session last night  the woman leading the imagery used the phrase tangled energy. What a descriptive phrase this is. So often at day’s end or during a moment of  delight, stress and distress we have all these different types of energy jumbled up inside of us.









Very often a combination of these energies are jostling around our brains and bodies vying for attention.  Too often happy occasions have a tinge of anxiety and goodness knows passion, adrenaline and anxiety are frequent bedfellows (pun intended).

So what can we do? How can we tease these disparate energies apart?  To be honest I prefer my hope without a side of anxiety and my joy unfettered by fear.  Many highly enlightened folks would say we can quiet our mind with meditation or prayer. That focusing on nothing will permit us to slow down enough to soothe the fear and anxiety that accompanies us throughout so much of our lives.

Personally, re-centering myself with my senses works pretty darned well.  Remembering the feeling of the sun on my face, a breeze floating across my skin, the scent of fresh laundry or the taste of a perfectly ripe strawberry will calm my thoughts.  When I  feel these experiences with intention  sometimes I am able to tuck them away, sometimes I will even say to myself “remember this moment, it will be needed at some point” , then during a confrontation or traffic jam I take my memories out and use them to stop the mental madness

Remembering all the gifts life has to share, re-feeling all these lovely sensations, this is how we can untangle our energy.

This is how we can enjoy our passion with a side of joy instead of fear.

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