proper planning pains





Calligraphy is all about planning. All. About. Planning! Without planning out spacing and nib size and interlinear area and , and , and, you end up with what happened in the piece above. I ran out of room. I miscounted the number of lines I would need to write this quote and didn’t realize it until three lines from the end. You can tell I realized it three lines from the end because the lettering became sloppy.

Isn’t this what happens in our lives as well?  Happens in mine, here I think I have thought out all possibilities and contingencies for a project or an outing and wham, something comes out of left field and the plans go awry. Once the train-wreck has happens we think “why bother, Why bother trying to fix it or come up with a plan B, It’s already ruined”.

I love this quote, it is by Jon Katz, a favorite author of mine who writes besides best selling books, a wonderful blog “” . He wrote this right after a train-wreck in the form of unexpected open heart surgery last week. Instead of whining  he created a plan B, a new reality and probably a better life.

One of the tricks for a happy life is to take a look at these wrecks that happen in our lives and say %$#*&!.

No, really it’s to  just go along with the curve balls and assume something even better will come out of it.  Like making a wrong turn on a car trip and ending up someplace magical instead. Or having to redo a piece or art and ending up with something sublime. Or something so wonderful I haven’t even thought of the possibility yet.

It’s about remaining open to the possibility of awesome, even when we haven’t planned perfectly

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