moment by moment





This weekend I was working on two pieces of calligraphy at once, which is pretty common. One was a full quote and the other I was just adding to an existing piece. As any artist knows there is a lot of practice involved in creating art. Sometimes I’m a bit frugal with my paper as even my practice pad is Canson.

After I had worked out some spacing details with one piece I reused that page to choose the nib and slant for some Copperplate to be used somewhere else

And then I read what was written

Moment by moment

the challenge is to keep

moment by moment

your dignity

moment by moment

your creativity

moment by moment

your sense of the future

moment by moment

your humanity

moment by moment


moment by moment



Suddenly the realization was there, you can only fulfill those challenges moment by moment. Each moment builds on the last and creates a space for the next moment.  Hopefully I will carry this lesson with me.


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