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The assumption is we get a dog, take good care of her, shower her with affection, give her good food and treats and she will love you. Not always so.

My mom convinced me to get Gracie on a whim. Mom said the puppy would be perfect for my younger son and gave lots more great reasons to get her from the owners of a farm stand we frequently shopped. I know, all the wrong reasons, all the wrong everything, but mom had just lost her husband of 50+ years and there was no way I was going to deny her anything. So Gracie came home with us and of course she and mom were best friends much to the chagrin of mom’s middle aged Yorkie.

A few years later mom went to live with my brother about 100 miles away. It was a good move for her but she could only bring one dog and of course she chose the Yorkie .

Gracie was left with me,

she sulked

and became mopey

and lost weight

for a long time.

Then one day Gracie took a shine to a renter of mine and basically moved in with her . They fell in love with each other and were constant companions for two years. Gracie would visit me a few hours in the evening and then go back to her companion. She was happy and put on some weight and sometimes would even permit me to pet her while she sat on my lap in a most imperious manner. Gracie is a Shih Tzu after all!

The renter moved out last week

She’s pining

and mopey

and sulky

and not eating (unless it’s steak)

It breaks my heart that she is so unhappy, but maybe if I’m lucky someday she will take a shine to me. I’m a nice person, really. Maybe some day she will like me best and we can be companions,

here’s hoping.



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