This is the same quote as used yesterday. Yesterday’s post was about how useful fear is and how we should be grateful for having it in our lives. It was also about moving beyond fear into the joy of life.

Last night life reminded me of why we have fear, how it is needed and how it is an intrinsic part of the fabric of our lives. Without fear we run a far greater risk of death, period.

One of my sons has a mental illness, serious enough that he is on permanent disability. His mental illness is somewhat controlled with medication and he lives a structured and calm life with me to reduce problems. Most of the time his life is okay and I try to bring joy into his life whenever possible.

Unfortunately, I got lazy and complacent. His medication schedule became lax and a bit spotty. we didn’t miss many pills but we missed enough. We were lulled into forgetting the danger.

Last night something upset my son and sent him spiraling into a frenzy, a very powerful frenzy. Very powerful indeed and I felt fear. Fear for myself, fear for my son and fear for the night’s outcome. Fear is what gave me the laser focus, the words, the patience and the calm needed to help my son come back from the edge of the abyss, back from the howling darkness. Fear is what kept us all safe. Fear is what will make me more vigilant about medication schedules in the future.

Pills were taken, calm was restored and once again I thanked my friend fear.

Sorry for doubting the necessity of fear.



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