Spontaneous joy

We practice everything. We practice patience, and soccer, and self control, and every darn thing.

Let’s practice joy, glee, laughing and dancing in the moonlight. It is so easy to get bogged down in the needs and musts of a day until we have a life based of drudgery and deadlines. We can’t wait for joy to happen to us, we need to cultivate it throughout our day.

Even in the midst of a stressful time, even within a crisis there is always something around us that can create joy. It could be the view from a hospital window, a songbird singing during a memorial or a hot cup of coffee after a sleepless night. But we need to train ourselves to seek out and to acknowledge joy when it shows up. Most important, we need to permit ourselves joy. It doesn’t have to be earned, merely savored.

Let’s remember to have fun ….. while eating chocolate and to be joyful

Intentional Joy

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