Today’s writing 101 challenge asks us to view situation from the perspective of three different people.




This is a small sketch I drew awhile ago. Drawing is a new discipline for me so I am not as adept with pencils as with calligraphy pens.

Considering my level of experience I thought it was an apt representation of my skill set. Decent enough to post on an art board.

My partner is a Forester, he looked at this sketch and said it is a poor representation of the tree you are using as a model. It was his opinion I had not captured the essence of the tree at all.

Members of the art board thought this drawing was well done.


How often does this happen in the rest of our worlds? We will attempt something new, change our style a bit or even try a recipe for dinner and it affects everyone differently. Some may approve, some not and some won’t notice or care. But in the end we need to hear our inner voice more loudly. We need to be confident in ourselves and our abilities despite of thorns and barbs of the outside world. Our own approval needs to be the most important, not the approval of anyone else.

Be your greatest fan and your most reasonable critic


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