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Faith is a widely used word in our language and our culture. At some level it is a highly charged word, one which engenders a strong emotional response in many people.


“I have faith in you”

“My faith will carry me through”

“Christianity, or Judaism, or Buddhism is my faith”

For me, faith simply means “I believe”. Perhaps not in the same way you believe, perhaps  in ways or in things you would find illogical or even distasteful. And that’s okay.

Sometimes it’s as simple as I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, this cup of soup will fill my belly in a happy manner or today will be a bit better then yesterday. Sometimes it is as profound as having faith in the intrinsic goodness of mankind despite any of the actions we choose to take.

This weekend someone known to me died suddenly. They and their family are  devoutly religious, they are people of great faith. Their faith is a profound comfort to them in this moment and will carry them through this tragedy.

Their faith is not my faith, but I take great comfort in their belief that their loved one has moved on in a beautiful manner.

Their faith brings peace to my heart even though it is not my belief,

and in the end, that is my faith



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