Breathing Room An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?





First let’s visualize the room. this room would be large enough to truly have some breathing space yet small enough to feel cozy. there would be opening skylights to bring natural light and ventilation, no need for air conditioning here. The walls would be natural plaster created with no harsh chemicals, this way each breathe you take would be faintly scented with a slight earthen tang. On the reclaimed barn wood floor would be a rag rug, soft beneath your feet. One wall would be glass with a door outside and windows to let is a soft afternoon breeze, the hum of a passing bee and the birdsong floating in the morning air.

Positioned on the rug facing the window would be a day bed. Of course all day beds are piled high with soft pillows, bolsters for your back and warm pure fiber blankets to keep you warm and cozy.

Sitting on the day bed would be a dog because without love love and affection any room you create would be sterile and incomplete.

The third item in this room is a laptop. From the screen and speakers of a computer you can travel anywhere, do anything, learn forever, listen to the greatest music ever produced and connect with humanity.

I have just described the room for me to inhabit at the end of my life. Once my body has weakened and perhaps my world has narrowed, the challenge will be to create a new world and a new life. when I can no longer be an artist, when I will rely on someone to cook my meals and perhaps even care for my body it will be incumbent on me to evolve. To create a new and more cerebral life. To prepare not only myself for death but to teach my children that the end can be just as beautiful as the beginning.

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