music in our lives


Say the word “music” and every one will create a different mental experience. Suddenly Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto will begin in one mind, while Freddy Mercury will begin a Bohemian Rhapsody in another and John Philip Sousa starts marching in a third.

But ….. the music of the world is so potent and visceral.  If we listen for the cues we can learn and feel the majesty and the intimacy this earth brings us. From the early spring tweet sung by robins, the hum of honey bees pollinating  flowers, the cicada announcing summer to the howling winds stripping the leaves off the trees this is the music of the earth.

the sigh of a lover

the rumble of an oncoming train

the cry of a newborn baby

This is my symphony of choice, this is my lullaby, this is the song of my life

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